Thursday, March 15, 2007

I'm An Editor, Agent, Publisher. Can I Send You Books, News?

You bet!

New author you really want to get the word out on? Send us their book and a press release. We'll dish the book and automatically consider it for FAB.

Have news you want to spread around the web? Send it on over. We're working on new aspects of our site that will allow announcements!

Do You Read And Dish On Every Book Sent You?

We try.

We may not get to it right away, but we try and read books sent to us first. If you have a book that will be released soon and would like to have it dished on by a certain date, you may want to send us a note and let us know, if we think we can do it, we'll let you know. If we can't do it by the date you request, we'll let you know and the choice to send it will be yours to make.

Please remember, we will be honest in our dish. If we don't particularly like the book, we'll say so. Submit at your own risk.

If I Send You My Book, Am I A Guaranteed FAB?


Sorry. It just doesn't work that way. We can't even promise a glowing dish. We have to be honest above all else. And our FAB picks are books that really speak to us or make us laugh or are just plain enjoyable. We may like a book, but very few merit the FAB title.

What Is The Best Way To Be Picked For FAB?

Send us your book. We can't consider it if we haven't read it.

At present, the dee's find their FAB picks by scouring the bookstores for new authors, and not only is it time consuming, not all stores may be carrying your book. You can e-mail us at deeanddeedish @ (once again, without the spaces) for the address to send the book(s). Please note, one dee is in VA and the other in KS, so if you don't have a particular dee in mind, you will need to send two copies to make it timely.

I Write e-Books, Why Are They Not Considered?

At the present time, the dee's do not read many e-books.

We are both very busy and do not have an e-Reader, so it isn't as easy for us to take e-books with us on the go. If you would still like us to dish on your e-book, we will be more than happy to do that, and you can send us the link at deeanddeedish @ (without the spaces). We are considering a separate week each month devoted to great new e-book finds, so feel free to send them over and look for details of the e-FAB in the near future.

I'm An Author But This Will Make Book 6 For Me, Can I Still Be Considered For FAB?

There are a few exceptions to our FAB guidelines.

If you are already established but will be introducing a new book under a pen name, the new book can be considered, BUT, we will not dish the books written under your other name during that week. We will mention you also write under that name, but the FAB week will be all about your new identity.

If you have been e-published and are now breaking out into print format, we will be glad to consider your print work for FAB.

Anthologies that you have contributed to do not count. FAB is for full length novels only. We will gladly dish on your anthology work during the week, but it will not be a major focus.

Are There Guidelines For FAB Picks?

1) The author cannot have published more than 5 full length novels.
2) We prefer that the author has not yet hit any major bestsellers list.

We are trying to get the word out about new finds, and chances are, if the author has a bestseller, we'll be reading it and dishing on it anyway. We love debut authors as well, so many times you'll find us spotlighting a brand new author.

What Is FAB?

FAB = Fabulous Author/Book.

Both dee's love to find new authors that write excellent books. In order to introduce our readers to great new talent, we initiated FAB. Each month, the dee's will each have an author they will spotlight. There will be contests, reviews of their book(s), and interviews. We encourage readers to post questions to the author and if you've read or pre-ordered the book or books, we'd love to hear what you thought or what made you decide to try the author. The contests vary, but generally they involve a viral blogging theme.

You Keep Saying That - Honest But Not Cruel. Wouldn't It Be More Fun If You Were Cruel?

More fun? For who? It just isn't in our nature to be cruel.

Both of the dee's are writers (pre-pubbed, but still) and we understand the amount of work, blood, sweat and tears that go into writing a novel. So, if we don't like the book, we'll tell you, and we won't sugar coat. BUT, not liking a book is no excuse to belittle the author or all of their hard work. Sometimes we have very strong feelings of dislike for a book, and I'm sure that comes across just fine without resorting to nastiness.

Why Dish? Isn't It A Review?

Technically? We suppose it is.

If you look up the word review at then what we post falls into that category. However, we don't really feel like that's what we do. We say dish, because basically, we're just two friends talking about the books we've read. We say what we liked, what we didn't, and we keep it honest but not cruel.