Friday, June 30, 2006

Why I'm HERE

I just realized how much fun I have reviewing books. Now, this is not to be compared with the fun that I have WRITING, or the fun that I have BLOGGING. But still, it is fun. I know that I'll never be one of those big reviewers, because frankly, I can't stand most of them. And I know I'll never be as cool as the Smart Bitches
While they have a great style, it is sooo not me. I love reading them, but really, I just am not that 'smart'. Or something. Still though, I do love me a good book. And I love to share when a book has really touched a place in my soul.

I read almost a book a day. That gives me the opportunity to tell you guys lots of things about lots of books. I've been doing just that over on my other blog. Today though, after realizing just how much I loved doing the review-thang, I decided to have an offshoot blog. I want to be able to do reviews on any old book that I feel like, without having to worry about boring my few readers to death by making them read yet another book review. See, I don't review all that many books over there, because, well, I only liked to take the time to recommend books. That means that I have to actually like the books that I review. See the thing?

I want to be able to tell you if a book is a wallbanger without taking up all of my time that you give me to read my blog. I'm pretty sure that most of you don't show up over there to read what I thought about books. Actually, I'm still not quite sure why many of you show up there, but I am oh-so-glad that you do.

So here, in this new blog, I will tell you about books that I read. I will be brutally honest. I will tell you if I think it sucks, or bites, or rocks, or whatever. You have an obligation or two here though, ok? You must tell me if you've read the book already, and if you agree or not. You must also drop me lines to let me know what sorts of books I should read next. I will be waiting for your comments and suggestions.

Now, I'm going to spend the next few days moving my reviews off the other blog, or at least copying them over to here. Then, bright and early, or dark and late, one day very soon, I will post a brand new review.

Let the fun begin!


Cherry Tea said...

I thought about doing the same thing with my book reviews. But, really, if I were to do that I don't think I'd have much to talk about!

Like the look!

dee said...

Hey Char, you know I can change the title of this blog, add you on, and you can do yours over here too...
just a thought.