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Janet Evanovich - Twelve Sharp(er Than the Rest)

Hi, it's me, Chair-Dee again. I want to thank Dee, cause she has now made it possible for me to blog over here whenever I want! She even changed the name to include me!! I'm pumped. As I explained over on my solo blog Lip Service , my nickname is Dee and that is why it is Dee & Dee. Also, if you want us to review one of your favorite books or a book that you have personally written, let us know, we'll read it and give a review. Please note: we will be honest but never cruel.

Now that the intro is over, on with the review. On June 20th, Janet Evanovich released book #12 in the Plum Series titled Twelve Sharp. I am an avid reader of the Plum Series so I went out and bought this book the day after it was released. It was read (red ) in less than 4 hours. What can I say? These books are so funny and fast paced that I have no choice but to gobble them up. If - like me -you are a spoiler slut (and this review doesn't give you enough of a fix) then by all means head on over to the Cherry Forums and look at the Book Discussions and you will find a thread dedicated to this book and also a thread that is dedicated to the rest of the series (just in case you have yet to discover the Fun of Plum).

In Twelve Sharp Stephanie Plum - Bounty Hunter Extraordinaire - is back on the job at Vincent Plum Bail Bonds, and if this was a review for any of the books 2-11 I would simply be able to say "and mayhem ensues" - not that that's a bad thing. Not a bad thing at all, the Plum books are always guaranteed laughs with a touch of mystery. You could buy the book and pretty much know that Stephanie was going to be turned on by Ranger, fight her feelings for Joe, deal with her wacky grandmother, take flack from her mom for not being the "normal woman" the burg is famous for turning out, get her car blown up, and by sheer dumb luck get the bad guy. But, with Twelve, Evanovich actually shows some character growth with Steph, her family is not as big a focus, and Steph is actually driving the same car from scene one to the end.

Twelve starts with the bonds office being short handed. Ranger isn't doing captures much any more, and Vinnie has been writing more bonds than usual. FTA's (Failure To Appear) are piling up and Steph and Lula need to bring them in. Problem is, there are too many. So, while Steph and Lula go after a pervert, a menopausal woman, a car thief, and an arsonist/attempted murderer - Connie advertises for a new Bounty Hunter and Ranger heads to Miami for personal business. Plus, besides helping Steph catch the bad guys - Lula joins Sally Sweet's new band "The What" as singer and gets Grandma Mazur to sing back-up!

The day after Ranger leaves for Miami Steph is confronted by a crazy woman claiming to be Carmen Manoso, Ranger's wife. She says Ranger up and left her over night and she is going to stick to Steph like glue until she gets her hands on Ranger. What we find out is really happening is that some one is trying to take over Ranger's life. He wants to be Ranger and in order to become him, he kidnaps his daughter and hunts Steph.

When Ranger gets back to Trenton he is in hiding while he tries to get his daughter back safely and get this fake-Ranger off the streets. He enlists Steph's help and moves in with her. If, like me, you are a Babe - THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!!!!! We learn a lot about Ranger. This book should have been titled - Ranger's Story.

Oh man, I want to say so much about this book, but I really do not want to spoil your fun. So, to sum up, I will say, Twelve Sharp has shades of One For the Money in that it is a much darker (not as zany and larger than life as the others). Stephanie grows up some, she is starting to think more and take matters into her own hands. With Twelve, Evanovich struck the perfect balance of comedy and suspense. If you haven't read it yet, GO GET IT NOW!!!!!


Something happens for Lula where Tank is concerned.

Stephanie realizes her love for ?????????? (sorry can't give that away ;) ) But I will give you this little book from the book :
"We have unfinished business," Ranger said.
"We always have unfinished business. Just out or morbid curiosity, how would you define your role in my life?"
"I'm dessert,"he said.
"Something that gives me pleasure, but isn't especially good for me?"
"Something that could never be the base of your food pyramid."
See, here's where I was in trouble. Dessert was the base of my food pyramid!

And finally - One of the two men in Stephanie's life is shot in front of her.

Just go get the book! It is the best Plum yet!

Take Care


dee said...

Ok, here's the deal with Janet E. I've read ONE of her books, and I just didn't like it all that much, so I've never read another one. However, most of the Cherries seem to enjoy the Plum books, so I'm thinking that I may have to read a few of them to see.

Cherry Tea said...

If you read one of her re-releases or the Full series, I wouldn't be surprised to find you dissappointd. I don't like her Metro Girl either. But the Plums - They are great!