Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Yep, that's right - the contest is ending soon!
If you don't enter, you can't win. If you don't win, then how are you going to start out the new year with new books?

We're ending the December contest at midnight 24 December, 2006. Your entries or e-mails need to be posted by that day, or they won't count. Remember, all you have to do for this contest is send us an e-mail, or make a comment, telling us YOUR Top Three Picks of 2006 ( can you hear the rhyme in that one? I worked on that for, like, 3 hours!).

And here's a BONUS! Remember how I said that the six books that you'll be getting wouldn't be signed? Well, I was wrong. Some of the fabulous authors of some of those amazing six books actually contacted us... and said that they would be happy to sign a book for the contest winner. Can you believe that? It just blew me away. Now, not all of the authors are able to do this, but some of them are, so we're actually very lucky. And can I just tell you that we didn't ask them to do this? They volunteered to do it, because they are even more wonderful that we thought they were already! YAY YAY YAY!!

And another thing... remember how I said that we were giving away our six favorite books, three of mine and three of Charity's? Well..... Charity just mentioned that she would have picked "Blondes Have More Felons" by Alesia Holliday, if she would have read it before she did her picks. Well, Alesia said that she would send us THREE SIGNED BOOKS to give away to you wonderful people! Can you believe that? I know, it's like Christmas around here or something! So the winner will get not six, but SEVEN books! And two other lucky blog readers will each get a copy of Alesia's fan-tab-u-lous books as well!


And a Merry Christmas to all!!

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