Monday, January 01, 2007

We have MOVED!!!

Happy New Year, you wonderful people!

If you're reading this though, I'm a little worried about you. See, it's January 1, 2007, and we are not HERE anymore. This is the LAST post at this site.

But don't worry, this site will stay up for a while, because it has directions to our new home. And we really want all of you to come on over to the new place and find us. It's a whole different atmosphere over there. The paint is different, we've hung some pictures up on the walls, we even have mood lighting! Plus, we're going to be unveiling so many wonderful new ways for you to WIN BOOKS, you really don't want to miss it.

So head on over to the new digs. All you have to do is click HERE , or you can point your web browser in this direction - . Either way will get you there. Remember to change or add a new bookmark, so you can easily find us.

From BOTH of us to ALL of you...

Take Care, and Keep Turning Those Pages!!

Dee and dee