Tuesday, August 15, 2006

And The Entrants ARE (Drum Roll, Please!)

The contest is now closed and the 4 entries are as follows (I will state again, I sure wish I could enter but will be buying the book to read to Bear-Bear any way) (Oh, and these are in no particular order except the easiest way for me to post them - I'm lazy sometimes) all are exactly as they were received:

Entry #1:

My mom’s a cherry on the forums and saw your contest and since I’m a fan of Robin (and have read several of her books and manuscripts,) I just had to enter the contest. I got a bit carried away and it’s kind of long but I’m happy with it.

Here’s a fact about werewolves I bet you didn’t know; Wolves hate werewolves.

It’s true, believe me. Werewolves have been giving plain wolves a bad name for centuries. Not only do they use us as scapegoats when their situation get out of hand but they use up valuable hunting space too.

That’s right, I said us.

I’m a wolf, well mostly. I bet you’ve heard tons of stories about what happens when a human is bitten by a werewolf. You know they turn into a wolf in the moonlight. Well, have you ever wondered what happens when a wolf is bitten by a werewolf? Let me tell you, wolves get the short end of the stick. Humans get all the benefits of being wolves, sharp teeth, claws, killer instinct, and awesome senses of smell and hearing, while when a wolf turns into a werewolf we get nothing, zip, nada. At least during the day we get nothing, at night, here comes the best part; we turn into a weak, naked human. Do you know how humiliating that is?

By now you’ve figured out that I’m one of these unfortunate wolf were-wolfs. I was bitten in a little tussle with a werewolf. Back then I hated them remember? Well, I very well couldn’t go back to my pack, since they hated werewolves, so in my new, werewolf crazed, mind I decided to go live in a human city.

I now live in a small apartment at night, seeing as when I’m a human I can’t seem to get comfortable enough to go to sleep on the cold ground. I also work the night shift at a pizza place (how humiliating,) to pay for the rent. No one seems to care that I only show up at night and how all the dogs on the block have disappeared except for one. He’s a nice stray Irish setter (I can’t resist a guy with long fur) I’ve been scavenging with during the day. He recently asked me if I wanted to howl at the moon with him but I had to decline, seeing as I’m human then.

I even get relationship problems like human werewolves, how sad is that?

I guess what I'm saying is that being a werewolf is not all frolic and play, especially if you're a wolf. So, don't go around bugging stray wolves you find at night so you can get bitten. Don't bug stray wolves during the day either, especially if they're with an Irish setter.
Now if you’ll excuse me, my paws are sore from typing and I have to go get some clothes on before the moon rises.

Entry #2:

Werewolves, huh? My step-father's part werewolf! Well, sort of. The hairy part he's got down and, yeah, sure, he likes himself some meat every now and then. He just has a very sweet temperament. You could pull out some chest hair and all he'll do is walk away, wounded, hand to chest with worried eyes looking back at you. A pussycat, really, or more a barrel-like dog. No werewolf blood in me, though my preference for steak any night of the week may suggest otherwise. I do enjoy some great werewolf tales, and even have one of my own started. Their stories need to be printed, told, and paraded--at least so I find amusement in other things besides randomly hair-pulling the beasts as I pass by.

(p.s. -- How did I not realize your book was out?)-

Entry #3:

Ever since my Michael J. Fox crush was forever warped by "Teen Wolf", I've had secret were fantasies... made worse by the appearance of another schoolgirl crush, Jason Bateman, in "Teen Wolf Too". (campy teen pseudo-horror comedy? sign me up!)I'm loving the were-romance trend, for sure. And every full moon, I like to go to a country meadow and dance, dreaming about my one true love (who hopefully can appreciate the white-girl-no-rhythm groove I've got going on...);)

Entry #4:

To me werewolves are a frequent used species in supernatural writing, movies, etc. Although I have no story of my own, I have to say I'm one of those "if only it were possible" type of people who wish werewolves were real. They're an intimate species who can be sly and coniving, funny, and sexy. Werewolves' ability to shapeshift teases my senses; being able to roam under a star filled sky in secret, racing the winds, being a part of something just so grand is exhilirating. At least in my opinion. Well I guess that's about it for me. =]

Thank You to every one that entered! I am so excited. We are a fledgeling blog so to get any entries is amazing. I think the fact that R.L. LaFevers books are so great played a big part in that. Good Luck to the entrants.

Take Care

Note from "the Other Dee"... I removed all the names from the entries above. Yeah, it seemed only fair...

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