Monday, October 30, 2006

Bring In The Judges!!

Okay Lovelies, the time has come to pick the winners for this months contest! The mini-contest had two entries, and since I just can't choose, both of them will receive a copy of Playing With Fire by the beautiful Gena Showalter . Lucy and Christina please send your snail mail address to and I'll get the copies sent out!

Contest Entries:

Linda - I think I would like to be able to read peoples thoughts. And I don't think I would mind a bit being a Vampire. Like in the Argeneau series. gurrr especially if I got to be life mates with a hunky loving McDreamy Vamp. (I had to let Linda know, if I was a vampire, I'd want Eric from The Dead Series, hubba-hubba)

Lucy - For a superpower, I would like to disappear from the current location and then be able to astral travel to somewhere else.

Kim - I might like to fly. I'd like to be a shapeshifter that could morph into a bird or Pegasus or something.

Kay (Gret) - ... for the "superhero thing", it's kind of a cross between quite a few of the X-Men powers. Mind Reading- Xavier; Power Sucking- Rogue; ShapeShifting- Mystique. All put into one. I just think that those ones are pretty cool. (Um, me too, I would never be able to pick just one, give 'em all to me!)

Cheryl - I think a superpower trait I would like would be the ability to read minds. Perhaps, knowing what someone is thinking ahead of time would give me a chance to thwart bad intentions.

Christina - Asking me to choose just one paranormal feature or creature is just mean! I think some kind of were animal would be good because they probably have killer metabolisms and weight wouldn't be an issue, Can you imagine being able to eat all the chocolate you wanted and never gain weight? Then there is the super strength thing, being able to pick up your furniture to vacuum would be awesome. Perhaps a psychic turned werewolf? Then I would have super mental powers as well as the stuff I already talked about. And as much fun as flying would be, a were canary just doesn't have the same ring as werewolf.

Robin - Playing With Fire was a great book and I would LOVE to have the powers in that book! Control of the elements - wow. (I know. My kids watch this cartoon Avatar and he is master of all the elements, I am so hooked on that show it isn't even funny!)

Angela - My favorite super power would probably telekinesis.

Jordan - ..."invisibility". When I asked why she came up with a couple of answers: 1) It would be great to be able to play tricks on your friends!2)New way not to be late for class--if you are invisible you can usually go through walls so you could just slip into class late and appear in your chair!

Sheri - Super powers, eh? I think I would like to be able to shape shift. I have always loved horses and I think it would be so cool to be ale to change into a horse... Just picture it: high mountain meadow, wildflowers spilling over the hills on every side, a bubbling creek running through the middle of it. At the edge of the trees stands a wild horse. Sunlight glistens off her golden hide as she surveys the open space before her. Head up, she tests the gentle breeze that blows gently through her white mane, alert to any danger. Satisfied that she is safe, she steps delicately into the meadow. Thirstily, she dips her muzzle into the stream, blowing and snorting as the cold water tickles her nostrils. Having drank her fill, she nibbles at the succulent blades of grass, a mouthful here, a morsel there. The wind shifts and she raises her head, ears twitching, alert to a hidden danger. With a squeal she wheels away from the creek and gallops swiftly into the safety of the forest, and she is gone...

Hmmmm....That would be me, all right! But I would only want to be a wild horse--no saddles for me!!

I would also want to be able to shift into ANY shape--how cool would THAT be?! Just think, I could literally be that "fly on the wall" everyone always talks about! Or the stapler on the desk--who would suspect a stapler of being able to spy?!! It could be fun!

Whitney - The paranormal trait I would most want to have is telepathy so that I could communicate with my extremely adorable boyfriend all the time and we wouldn't run up minutes on the cell phone bill. Maybe then I could get my cell phone back...

And that, my dear readers, is all of the entries! Dee and I aren't picking the winners, so as soon as the winners are e-mailed to me, I'll post them and arrange for the books to be sent!

Thanks for entering our contest this month, and I cannot wait to see what we have for next month!

As always...

Take Care


orangehands said...

i'm gonna vote for sheri. but good luck to the rest.

GatorPerson said...

I vote for Sheri. Her's is a fuller description.

angela said...

LOL.. My entry looks extremely blah. That's not all was said (or commented on other posts), but whatever. Too funny.

dee said...

I just checked back over that entry, and you're right, that's not all that you said. You said...

Saw your link over at the MJD fan club site..
My favorite super power would probably telekinesis.

My one main complaint with Playing with Fire.. the "super hero name" she gave the heroin: Wonder Girl. Sorry, it's taken by a DC hero from the Teen Titans.. Wonder Woman's protégé. Just bugs me since I'm a comic book lover. I would have preferred an original name.
12:42 PM

Since Charity was just cutting and pasting the parts that related to the contest, that's probably why your entry may look "blah". We didn't intend to crop off anything that was meaningful to the contest. However, if this is what you think happened, please contact us and we'll do what we can to make this better.
The very last thing that we want is unhappy readers.

kay said...

gah. Mine just sounds like I'm a dorky Marvel Comic reader. Though I've never in my life read a Marvel Comic book. (Though I HAVE seen the cards. My brothers like them.) Guess I'll just have to start (reading them) so that I can go more in depth about things like X-Men and Spider-Man and Batman. All those movies/books that I find fascinating. haha

angela said...

no worries Dee.. i was commenting more to comment than to enter the contest.

kay - well, I AM a dorky Marvel reader.. i freely admit it! ;)