Friday, November 03, 2006


Hi Lovelies! Just wanted to post a quick update. I had Oral Surgery on Wednesday, and unfortunately, it is taking me a LOT longer to recoup than I thought. There is a school carnival tomorrow that I have to be at, since I'm in charge of the food portion and I have 6 reviews I need to finish up and get posted.

Winners to the contest will be posted Sunday at the latest, but I'm hoping to have a few minutes to rub together tomorrow that I can use to post them. All the votes have been cast and are sitting in our in-box at and as soon as I can make sense of anything, I will total them up. If I tried now, I'm afraid I'd mess up the count, and I don't want to do that.

I just wanted to let every one know, I haven't forgotten, I'm just in so much pain, I can hardly think straight. Everyone keeps telling me it's harder on you to have teeth cut out the older you are, but COME ON, I'm only 30. Surely, I should be out dancing to Polka by now!

Take Care

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