Sunday, November 19, 2006


Hey there lovelies. I hope this post finds each and every one of you in good health. I just wanted to do a quick post that explains a bit about the reviews I do and why.

Before Dee invited me over here to blog with her, I had done a few reviews on my own blog Lip Service , I found, that while not the best at it, I really enjoyed talking about the books I read. And believe me, I read a LOT of books. I enjoy getting lost in the pages of a good book for a few hours and I love introducing those books to others. It's fun to talk through a book. Sometimes, when I write a review, I'll realize the book had a far greater impact on me than I originally thought, and that is a HUGE bonus. So really, I review not only to help others find books they may not have on their own, but for my own benefit, too.

Whenever I start a new project, though, I have to figure out exactly what I want to do with it, where I want it to go, and HOW I'm going to handle it. I knew going in, that I won't always like the books I read. And that posed a whole 'nother set of questions. What will I do with those books. Then I thought about a few of the review sites I had seen, that talk about only reviewing books they like and how once I saw that, I stopped reading. There is no checks and balances that way. Although you could get a fairly good idea of my reading tastes, you wouldn't get the whole picture. For instance, I've mentioned not liking the books of Carly Phillips , but I do like books by Leanne Banks , and many readers like BOTH of them. They both write Romance, and they both have steamy sex scenes, but the difference in the writers is style and voice.

Sometimes, I'll find a book where I love the premise of the book, but not the way it was written. I really like the IDEA of the book, but not the way it fit together. That's why Dee and I agreed, if we read a book, we'll review it. We will be HONEST, but we will NEVER be cruel. Writing is not an easy job, and the authors of the books I read deserve the respect that all the hard work has earned them. But if I don't like it, I'm gonna tell you and I'm gonna tell you why.

The first unfavorable review I ever did was very hard for me to write. I wasn't sure how to honest and not unkind at the same time. It's getting easier to write the not so great reviews, but it will never be my favorite part of the job. But I feel that I would be letting you readers down, if I wasn't honest about it. We all spend good money on the books we read, and quite honestly, sometimes, they just aren't worth it. So I review those books that fell flat, so you lovely readers can decide if the money will be worth it, or if perhaps a trip to the library will be in order.

Lots of reviews to get done, and I'll get back to them tonight.

Take Care


dee said...

I think you did a great job explaining this. You really have no idea how much I love having you here, reviewing books with me. I think that the readers will agree that you do a great job.
Like you, I really don't like doing negative reviews. I have such a hard time saying that I don't like a book. Usually that's because there really is something about most every book that I like. I mean, even books that I don't LOVE, there are stilll usually things that the author does that really impress me. Plus, knowing how hard it is to write a whole story, I am generally loathe to say something is "bad". However, like you, I have a hard time sugarcoating things. I think that it's good when we are very specific about why we don't like something. That way, our readers know exactly what we didn't like. That seems so much more fair than just trashing a book or an author. I don't really like review sites that just say "This book sucks, don't buy it" without telling you why. That doesn't help me at all.

dee said...

Oh, and I forgot to add, I only review books to see how many times I can fit in the name JOSHILYN JACKSON here on our site.

just kidding! sheesh, I bet a few of you believed that, didn't you?