Wednesday, November 15, 2006

November contest UPDATES

Oh friends, November is just so full! We have fried turkey day coming up, my husband is off in Texas (the land of all things BIG, donchaknow?), Charity's done with that carnival, and I'm eeking out an average of 2500 words a day on my NaNo story. PLUS, we're doing this fabulous contest here at Dee & Dee, where you, our favorite people in the world (besides our kiddies and hubbies, and well, each other!), get to win some fabulous, free BOOKS. I wanted to update you on the contest, because I promised that I would. And because this is just too much fun to hold inside my little ol' self any longer.

First, we have a Special Guest Judge for the contest! That's right, we're not just going to call on the CherryBombs this month. While they do an incredible job, I'm guessing they might just be sick of me begging them to be the judges every single month. Frankly, it's too hard for me and Charity to judge these things, because, well, we love ALL of you. Plus, it's much easier for us to put it off on someone else. So. There you have it. Our SGJ is none other than the amazingly talented Kristan Higgans. Charity reviewed Kristan's book, Fools Rush In, earlier this month, and Kristan was gracious enough to do a mini-interview with her. I plucked up the courage to ask Kristan to judge the contest and SHE. SAID. YES! WOOHOO! How freakin-A cool is that?

As a bonus, Kristan is going to send the winner a signed copy of Fools Rush In, as part of the prize package.

Also, Lois Winston, author of Talk Gertie To Me (reviewed here this month), is also sending out a signed copy of her book to the winner.

Plus, I'm getting a signed copy of Joshilyn Jackson's gods in Alabama (reviewed here by me and in another review by Charity) sent to the winner as well. Don't think that Joss and I are all close or anything. We're not. Well, in my very most embarrassing FanGirlSqueeMemories, we are like this, BFF and all, you know. But in reality, I'm just an almost stalker fan. However, since I read her blog all the time, I know that the book will be sent out. I'm just good that way.

So, that's three "Rookie" books going out to the winner. There will be two other books in the prize pack, but alas, they won't be signed. They are coming straight to the winner, and they are personal faves of mine. They are both from "Veteran" authors, and I hope you enjoy them. They are Whitney, My Love, by the incomparable Judith McNaught, and Don't Look Down, by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer. Of course, if the winner already has either of these, I'll be more than happy to substitute the "Veteran" books for different ones, but we can haggle that out later.

I just have to tell you that Kristan has her work cut out for her. We already have at least 12 entries, from comments and e-mails. I am SOOOOO glad that I don't have to judge! Just remember that the contest closes on Saturday, at 11:59 ET. Please make sure that all comments or e-mails are sent by then. I will gather them all together and get them off to Kristan shortly after the contest closes, and she can judge them. Then the winner will be announced, and the books will be mailed. I'm just so excited I can hardly wait! Until then...

Keep turning those pages!


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