Monday, September 04, 2006

It's All About The Nerds Baby!!!

To tell you the truth, this will probably seem more like a FanGirl Squee Fest than an actual book review. I absolutely ADORE Vicki Lewis Thompson and her Nerd Books. As soon as I have one of these babies in my hot little hands, I read it all in one sitting. I don't drink the words in, I gulp them. For me, reading is the ultimate escape. I love to read books that let me experience a different life from my own, for just that few hours. Now, don't get me wrong, my life is actually quite nice, but a little bit of fantasy never hurt any one. And I gotta tell you, the nerds in these books really know how to get a girl's imagination fired up!

Nerds Like It Hot is Thompson's latest release of her wildly popular Nerd Books. This makes book number 6 for the nerds, and they just keep getting better and better and hotter and hotter.

(Back Cover Copy) She's unleashed her inner vixen.... Hollywood makeup artist Gillian McCormick wouldn't normally be caught dead on a cruise aimed at single geeks. But as the sole witness to a murder, hiding out may be her only chance at staying alive. With P.I. Lex Manchester guarding her, and a voluptuous disguise in place of her plain-Jane wardrobe, Gillian should be safe....if she can resist a titanic attraction to Lex that's making her fantasize about some extra-naughty cruise activities....

He's rediscovered his inner nerd.....Lex thought he had left behind his nerdy ways, but his suave demeanor has no chance against Gillian's bombshell image and smart, sexy woman within. And when the scent of seduction wafts through the sea air, what's a red-blooded male to do?

And the passion they've found is about to get out of contol..... With a passenger list that includes a mobster on a mission, a cross-dressing sociopath, and hundreds of lusty nerds, Lex must find a way to keep Gillian safe - and prove that he's truly her nerd for all seasons....

ARGH!!! I had this wonderful post all made up and then BOOM, Blogger decided it wasn't good enough and ate half of it. Thank You, Blogger.

Anyway, ever since I discovered the nerd books, I haven't been able to pass one by. I have all of the previous ones and this latest makes book 6 for the nerds. These aren't series books by the way, they are simply stand alones with the same theme - Nerds who are HOT!!!

Thompson writes in a way that just sucks you in. Once you start one of these books, you just cannot put them down. I mean, come on, where else can you find murder, mystery, love, steamy sex, mobsters, aging starlets and cross dressers? That's right, no where. Plus, I'm a HUGE nerd at heart. I was in NHS in high school, I played in the band, and loved anything that included learning. Finally, Thompson has showed the world that us nerds are not just frumpy brainiacs that don't know how to have fun.

In Nerds Like It Hot Gillian is set to go on a pleasure cruise designed with the nerd in mind. Too bad that Gillian is running for her life and can't just relax with her hunk bodyguard Lex. Or can she?

If you are looking for a great, fun read, pick this baby up right now and prepare for a wild ride. Thompson is a master of the nerd. So, if you haven't read any of these books yet, be prepared to NEVER look at nerds the same way.

Take Care

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Marg said...

I haven't ever read any of her books! Added it to my TBR list!