Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Werewolf Rising, reviewed by Michael

From Dee:
I know you've been waiting for this for a while. Well, so I have. Finally though, I have a day off, and I can be around when my oldest son, Michael (seen here) does his first ever book review for our book blog. He read "Werewolf Rising" by R. L. LaFevers. If you'll recall, Robin (R.L.) was here last month, when the book first came out. She very generously donated a signed copy of her book for our very first contest winner. So, without further ado, here is what Michael has to say about the book...

WARNING: Michael has included a few SPOILERS!! Sorry to anyone that read the review before I posted the warning. Don't be too mad at him, he's never done this before. He got a little excited seeing his picture up there, what can I say?

The main character in this book is Luc. Luc is almost thirteen when the book starts. He lives with his aunt and uncle, because his parents are dead. He doesn't really like living with his aunt and uncle because his uncle is mean to him.

Luc has nightmares. He dreams about a beast. He thinks HE is the beast. As his 13th birthday gets closer, Luc starts to change. He can run faster, and he wants to eat squirrels. He's normally a slow motion guy, and a vegetarian.

Luc's other uncle, Ranger, shows up to take Luc away to where the rest of Luc's family lives. Ranger then tells Luc that his family is made up of wolves, and Luc is also a wolf. Luc doesn't believe Ranger at first, until Ranger turns into a wolf in front of Luc. Luc is nervous and excited at the same time.

Luc learns that his parents are dead because of wolf hunters. He also learns that his other uncle was part of their death. Luc is angry with his uncle about this. He runs away to find his uncle.

I liked this book. It had wolves in it, and I like wolves. The wolves ate weird things, like big deer. It was a book, but it was more like an action movie. Luc doesn't really think everything is fair in the pack, but he still likes the pack better than where he was living before. He feels like he finally found a home in the pack. At the end, there was a big wolf beside him, and they were running, and they went home together. Home is where all of the good things happen.

I hope that Robin writes another book. It doesn't have to be about Luc, but I like her writing. I liked the "Falconmaster" and the "Lowthar's Blade" trilogy. They're really cool. I think everybody else should read her books too.


Cherry Tea said...

"Home is where all the good things happen."

I Love This Review!!!!!!!!! Well done, Michael. Keep on a reading and you can do a review any time you want!!!

And that line I quoted above? Truer words have never been spoken!

Robin L said...

Thank you, Michael, for such an amazing review!! I love it! (It's also wonderful getting a chance to see a picture of you!)

You said it very well; Luc was desperately wanting a home, a true home where he could feel he belonged, because as you say, home is where all the good things happen.

Thanks so much for reading the book and taking the time to review it! It means a lot to me!

Cherry Red said...

WTG Michael!

What a fabulous review. I have a giftcard and I keep meaning to buy Werewolf Rising with it. Your review reminded me of how much I want to read this book, so I'm gonna do just that.

Great job, Robin too. Ya done good, writer.

"Home is where all the good things happen."

I couldn't agree more!


Anonymous said...

I agree that she should right another book. At the end it kinda just left you in the dark. It would be so cool if she wrote a sequel!