Monday, September 18, 2006


Alright, confession time again - I read this book quite a while ago, but just had to do the other reviews first. Also, (Super Big Confession Alert) I wasn't sure I was even going to READ this book. That was, until I saw a review Marg had done on her blog Reading Adventures . I am a HUGE fan of The Plum Series , but have had a very hard time getting into the re-released romances of hers. I was pleasantly surprised by this one, and I think you will be, too.

Smitten by Janet Evanovich
Back Cover Copy

Ummmm. There is none. Just a pic of Evanovich. I suppose her name is enough to sell this one.

Basically, Smitten, the story of Lizabeth Kane, a divorced single mother of two young boys, who is in desperate need of a job. After being told she was under-qualified or over-qualified (I just looked at this, and when I did spell check I didn't pay much attention obviously, for it changed those two words to underclassmen and over zealous,lol), for many jobs, her hopes hand on getting job working construction.

Matt Hallahan owns the construction company that Lizabeth wants to work for, and he's not quite sure this little whip of a woman is cut out for the job. But, she's determined and he hasn't the heart to tell her no. Plus, she's awful cute.

Lizabeth and Matt experience instant chemistry. This is a short and sweet book, it has what I feel, were many characters that were probably used as place holders for some of the Plum book characters. It also has a naked stalker and lots of funny little bits.

If you want something light and fluffy, this is the book for you. I had it read in two hours, so it was a great way to kill some time. Enjoy

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Marg said...

I too have really struggled to get into the rereleased romances, but I think I have got to know what to expect now and therefore can enjoy them for a light and fluffy read!

Still prefer the Plum books though!

dee said...

Ok, if YOU can confess, so can I.
Shhh, don't tell anyone this ok? I'm not one of her biggest fans. I read one of her books a few years ago, and while it wasn't bad, it didn't rock me. So, I've never read another one.
However, after hearing all of you people go on and on (and on and on) about the Plum books, I may have to try her out again. And this is something that I really LIKE about book review sites, and so should other authors, because frankly, if it wasn't for you, Char, I wouldn't even think about picking up another one of her books.
Again, I want to stress that her book was NOT bad. It just wasn't really all that captivating, for me. (And yes, you can translate that to mean that it didn't grab me like my first Crusie, or strangle me like my first Jackson, if you really must translate!)

Marg said...

Definitely read the Plum series - they are laugh out out funny!

Lucy S. said...

For myself, I am a happy fan of the series of books written by Janet Evanovich about Stephanie Plum. They are so funny, zany, and full of life with its many quirks.

And, I have also read JE's book, "Metro Girl" - which I liked, but I have not read any of the others books by JE yet. I have not read "Smitten" yet.

and, by the bye, I was in my local library today, and I saw on the new book shelf, a new non-fiction book by JE, published Sept. 2006. The book title is "How I Write" - secrets of a bestselling author by Janet Evanovich with Ina Yalof. I did not even know this book existed, so I did take it out from the library and have started reading it.

McB said...

Dee - reading this review I realized that I have read SMITTEN ... and it must have been the first issue because it was quite a while ago. But the story stuck with me. Didn't realize until now that it was an Evanovich. Yes, I second Dee's endorsement. Its a very sweet, fun read with endearing characters. Dee, doesn't this story include an over the top aunt with moster sized car?

And, Dee - if your foray into the world of Plum was one of the later ones - well they weren't as good so I can understand if it didn't rock you. The latest, #12, is back on track though. So if you are going to give it a try, start at the beginning.

However the whacky, larger than life world of Stephanie Plum might not be to everyone's taste so if you try again and still don't care for them, don't feel bad.